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Team Introduction

Zhongdong QIAN 

PhD, Northeastern University 

Professor, State Key Laboratory of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering Science, 

Wuhan University,  Director of HRCHR.

Email: zdqian@whu.edu.cn


Prof. Qian born in 1976 obtained the PhD degree in 2002 at Northeastern University, majoring in thermal engineering, then he entered Tsinghua University as a post-doctor. He was promoted associate professor in 2004 and full professor in 2009 at Wuhan University. In 2008, he visited Korea Maritime and Ocean University and worked there for six months as a visiting scholar. He is the deputy director of the State Key Laboratory of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering Science since June 2016 and director of Hydropower Research Center for Himalaya Region (HRCHR) since December 2020. He published 150 research papers, more than 80 of which are indexed by SCI. He was authorized 4 International Patents and 16 National Patents.


1. Administrative Position

Director, Hydropower Research Center for Himalaya Region (Dec. 2020)

Deputy director, State Key Laboratory of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering Science (Jun. 2016)

Deputy director, Department of Water Resources, Wuhan University (Nov. 2011)

2. Academic Position

Professor, Wuhan University (Nov. 2009)

Associate Professor, Wuhan University (May 2004)

Visiting Scholar, Korea Maritime and Ocean University (Jan. 2008)

Post-doctor, Tsinghua University (Mar. 2002)

3. Awards

Ministry of Education Sci-Tech Progress Award (2nd class) (2021)

Ministry of Education Nature Science Award (1st class) (2018)

China Society for Hydropower Engineering Outstanding Talents Award (2020)


Application of Bionics

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Multiphase Flow in Hydraulic Machinery

Cavitation Erosion, Silt Abrasion and Vibration in Hydraulic Machinery


Computational Fluid Dynamics for master students

Pump and Pump Station for undergraduate students



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