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Date of Conference: Friday, 7th, April 2023

Conference Place: 

Offline: Atour Hotel, WuHan, China

Online: Voov Meeting

Voov Meeting ID: 871-629-873

Meeting Password: 123456

Conference notice link: HRCHR-2023-Workshop (whu.edu.cn)

Conference organizer: Hydropower Research Center for Himalaya Region, Wuhan University

Conference Topic:2023 Workshop of Erosive Characteristics on Francis Turbine

Conference Chair:Zhongdong Qian, Wuhan University

Conference Host and Co-Chair:Zhiwei Guo, Wuhan University

Conference Co-Chair:Sailesh Chitrakar, Kathmandu University

Contacts: Qinqin Zhong, E-mail: 1372355771@qq.com;

Supported by NORHED Project “Hydro Himalaya”