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Publication: Design of Francis Turbine and OpenFoam Methods

The joint book entitled “Design of Francis Turbine and OpenFoam Methods” has now been published on SpringerLink:


Authors: Zhiwei Guo, Zhongdong Qian, Wuhan University;

Sailesh Chitrakar, Bhola Thapa, Kathmandu University

This book consists of two parts. The first is devoted to the design of Francis turbines, which contains main dimensions, design and the runners, guide vanes and distributors. The second part is the introduction of one CFD method to present detailed steps on how to make a new solver for hydraulic machines for sediment erosion. This will help readers quickly understand and learn the way to simulate in an easy-understand manner.

The book is written for not only specialists in relative fields, but also for students, works, researchers, etc., who are interesting in designing a suitable Francis turbine, or simulating multi-phase flow fields for even rotating machines.